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The history of how the Grafton Street pub cacme to be, is a story that spans nearly 30 years. In 1974, The Royal Lounge, the original pub, first opened its doors to the public. Serving pub fare, pints and a wee bit of sarcasm, the original pub enjoyed a prosperous and healthy run until it was renamed Gallaway's.

The pub spent the past 17 years as a place to gather, unwind, and have a few drinks. The food wasn't too bad either! On December 9, 2001, with the growth of Hauppauge's business industry expanding, and some change in the local scenery at the Village Green Shopping Mall, Gallaway's shouted 'last call' to their loyal patrons and closed their doors for good. In opening our new establishment, we chose to cherish and hold dear forever our good times at The Old Sod and retire its name to the memory books -

Gallaway's we will never forget you.

Grafton Street Pub serves as a tribute to one of the most famous streets in Dublin, Ireland. Situated between Trinity College and Stephen's Green, located within the heart of Dublin, Grafton Street offers tourists, and Dubliners alike, a true taste of the Irish. So without further ado, we present:

Grafton Street Pub

"Suffolk County's answer to Authentic Irish Pub Cuisine"

We welcome you and hope you stay a while. Our doors are open to you and as the Irish say, "drop in for a gargle or two."

Your Proprieters,

Anne and Helena


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